Are tables and chairs included in our basic rental fee?

-Yes! Pecandarosa Ranch will provide tables, indoor chairs and outdoor chairs for use included in the rental price. We do not provide linens.

What is an onsite conceirge? Is it the same as a Day of Coordinator?

-Pecandarosa Ranch provides our couples with an onsite conceirge individual the day of your event. This personal will be able to assist with any venue related services throughout the day. 

-This is different than a Day of Coordinator. Pecandarosa Ranch provides this service as well through our planning packages.  

What is Pecandarosa Petals? Can I bring in my own floral service?

-Pecandarosa Petals is our in-house floral designer that works with your desired aesthetic. You are not required to use our in-house services, but it can be cost-effective. 

Can I choose my own vendors (bartenders, DJ, caterer etc.), or must I select from a preferred vendor list? If I can bring my own, do you have a list of recommended vendors I can choose from?

-Pecandarosa Ranch does not provide a preferred list at this time. We will be able to recommend vendors after we work alongside them in our new venue! All vendors must be approved by our venue manager prior to booking. 

Can I bring my dog(s)/pet(s)?

For the safety of guests and wildlife, Pecandarosa Ranch does NOT allow pets.

Can we rehearse at Pecandarosa Ranch?

Yes, the rental fee includes a 1-hour rehearsal time; based on venue availability. If an event is booked for the evening before your rental, the booked event will take precedence and your rehearsal time will be rescheduled for the morning of your event or an alternate day of the week, per your preference. Your rehearsal day/time will be confirmed 30 days prior to your event.

Is a security guard required at my event?

Per Oklahoma law, a security guard is required if alcohol is being served in any way at your event. 1 security guard is required per 150 guests.